What Should You Do If You Need a Tree Stump in Your Garden Removed?

What Should You Do If You Need a Tree Stump in Your Garden Removed?

Tree stumps can become an awful eyesore for a great many people. For example, if you’ve just moved into a new home that has some history, it is probable that there will be a few old tree stumps present. These can not only attract termites, but also become a tripping hazard and may even need to be removed for gardening purposes or to make space for some renovation work or a home extension. The problem is that tree stumps are notoriously difficult to remove, and this is where the experts come in.

What Services Do Arborists Offer?

While it is obviously important to have old tree stumps completely removed in both public and private areas, a professional tree service offers a lot more than that. Typically, they will offer the following services:

  • Clearance service: Whether you are a homeowner wanting to put a pool in your garden or a council looking to clear a large area of land for the construction of commercial properties, tree services can clear the area. They can remove entire trees and other plants quickly, leaving the ground ready for levelling if required.
  • Crown management: Trees are lovely and they can seriously reduce the amount of pollution in urban areas when they are planted in abundance. The problem is that many of these trees become overgrown, especially in areas where there is plentiful rain and good soil. As the crown, or leafy top, of a tree overgrows it can cause damage to nearby electrical wires and buildings.
  • Old, damaged, or diseased trees: Whether on private property or in a public space, a tree that is old, diseased, or has been damaged by a storm can become a real danger. Large branches can fall and injure pedestrians, become a danger to traffic, bring down power lines, and cause damage to nearby buildings. In these cases, it is often necessary for a tree management service to remove the damaged parts of the tree, prune them back, or remove them altogether.
  • Managing fire risk: Australia is the driest continent on earth, and the summers can become very hot. This poses a huge fire risk in some areas of the country, and it is common for bushfires to occur at these times of the year. Indeed, some of them can be absolutely devastating to livestock, properties, infrastructure, and people. Local tree experts can assess the risk of a fire at your property and cut down, prune back, or otherwise remove any dead wood and potential fuel for the fire. This can minimise the danger at the hottest times of the year.

Always Use the Experts

Although it may be tempting to try to cut down a tree or remove a stump yourself, it is always better to call the tree experts to come have a look and perform the task.