Making the Case for the Right Materials and Log Home Cleaning Practices

Making the Case for the Right Materials and Log Home Cleaning Practices

There are a number of sound reasons to build a log home. Being close to Mother nature tops the list. Family members and visitors love the idea of being able to soak up some rustic ambiance. Many of the benefits of owning a log home start with its building materials.

1. For one, trees are a renewable resource and easy to replace. Many builders construct log homes to green building standards. Some home builders also harvest dead timber. Log home owners provide a benefit to the environment.

2. Log homes are also long-lasting. Most people do not realize that logs are a lot more durable than bricks. Many log homes built 800 years ago are still in use.

3. Log homes can also withstand the wrath of Mother Nature. This has been proven time and again in the aftermath of hurricanes and harsh weather conditions. In areas with heavy snowfall, a log home is the dwelling of choice.

4. Log homes are also a perfect fit for their surrounding landscape. Since the building material comes from nature, it is easy for such homes to fit into their surrounding topography.

Having a beautiful log home is one thing. Maintaining its beauty is another. Log homes deserve careful attention and protection to maintain their value and beauty. Consider the following.

Finishes Make a Difference

The type of material chosen for your home can make a difference before its construction is ever completed. Stains and topcoats play an important role in protecting a log home from sun, wind, rain, and snow. Weather can easily damage a log home’s wood cellular fibers. Homeowners should choose stains that will filter out the sun’s rays and protect against the elements.

Builders should apply stains early during construction. They have an additional opportunity to apply protective coating once trim boards are up and they have completed the roof.

Cleaning Your Log Home

Once the builder completes your log home, there comes a time when cleaning is necessary to maintain its value and beautiful appearance. Keep in mind that harsh commercial cleaning can strip away a log home’s beautiful parts and leave dirt in hard-to-reach areas. It may be best to consider log-home cleaning companies that can provide a gentler way of washing that protects the home’s integrity. This may involve first applying a foam and gentle spray combination, and then finishing with a protective coating that keeps the home protected and looking its best.

Treatments Friendly to the Environment

It is a good idea to work with eco-friendly log home cleaning materials and methods. This way the home’s wood maintains its integrity. The right cleaning materials can also combat molds and grimes that form within the wood. Stay in the know and keep your log home looking beautiful and valued for years to come.