Failing an Underground Oil Tank Test

Fuel oil dealers mainly react to change by reacting to competing market forces. First it had been the COD discounters, it was the gas companies so we reacted to every in kind. With the subterranean tank subject looming, dealers are again buffeted by forces affecting our markets. Can we react as before or can we promote programs to derail threats? In New You are able to and Nj, The Homeowner’s Ecological Loss Protection Program

set a precedent, being a valuable tool to thwart gas conversions, but more tools are essential, especially to lug the unmanageable leak of accounts that occur during the time of a

property transaction.

As v . p . and founding father of Annis Fuel Oil Service (AFOS), in early 1980’s I recognized subterranean oil tanks being an section of chance. With passage from the Nj Hazardous Substance Storage Act and amendments towards the Spill Act, tank work started to overlap with ecological science. 4 years of school chemistry compensated off. While spinning off ANCO Ecological in 1991, I continued to be faithful to my oil industry beginnings. Like a small oil dealer I’m responsive to the

threat UST hysteria poses. With diplomacy I market UST services to local fuel dealers who otherwise contend with my family’s oil company. Instincts say deny or minimize the UST problem. However the distant ecological storm is looming and should be addressed. Our

customer’s financial interests are on the line plus they seek leadership. Fuel dealers must address and deflect the pr damage brought on by dripping subterranean tanks, learn to select a suitable tank test, define the real foe behind the oil tank debacle and lastly, find solutions. I really hope the fabric presented herewith can help during these areas, and stop losing oil heat people to other kinds of fuel at the purpose of property transfer. As each of my companies operate mainly in Nj, many references are created to Nj Department of Ecological Protection (NJDEP) rules. These rules might be mirrored by similar rules in other states. Look at your condition Ecological Protection Department for particular rules governing your neighborhood.

You should have your tank removed from the premises at the earliest. Experts could best handle under ground oil tanks. In addition, it would be highly recommended that you put this on your list of priorities that oil tank removal should not be taken lightly. You should hire a professional oil tank removal company only.